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Appalachian Ballet Company has created an endowment fund to ensure quality dance in East Tennessee for years to come.  We encourage our supporters to consider endowment gifts in addition to annual giving.


A strong endowment can benefit donors by:

Decreasing estate and income taxes

Protecting income

Assisting in passing wealth to the next generation.


Examples of estate gifts include:

Naming Appalachian Ballet Company in your will, as beneficiary or owner of a life insurance policy or as beneficiary of all or part of a retirement account (401k, 402b)

Donating assets such as stock and real estate

Establishing life income with a charitable gift annuity

Giving through Individual Retirement Accounts after ago 70 1/2


Endowment Contact


For a complimentary, confidential discussion on giving to the endowment, please contact:


Kevin S. Proffitt, Wealth Management Advisor


Northwestern Mutual, Knoxville





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